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Artizin is the premier manufacturer of design-centric acoustic solutions. Our eco-conscious products have been designed specifically for architects, designers and builders who are committed to a better future. Drawing on our extensive industry knowledge, we examined each application through the lens of talented professionals like yourself.


So what's our goal?


Simplify the entire design process from ideation to installation

Maximize creativity, productivity and cost-effectiveness

Provide an ecosystem of acoustic solutions


Artizin gives you a diverse combination of visual techniques that can be combined to create your ideal vision!


ArtFelt™ is the core material in our signature line of acoustic solutions designed and fabricated in-house. Our ever-expanding selection of colors, patterns, textures and techniques combined with our signature, simplified hardware offers you unmatched creative flexibility, reduced costs and ease of installation.


A blank wall isn’t just boring, it’s a flat surface that can reflect sound. Our wall acoustics are an ideal solution for promoting sound tranquility and infusing an artistic flair into any space. We are always amazed at the difference they make in commercial interiors; here they can work their magic, eliminating residual sound and improving overall room acoustics while adding functional beauty. 

Explore our full range of Wall Panels

Looking for aesthetically appealing acoustic control? Our ceiling clouds and baffle solutions offer style, functionality and a level of noise control that is integral to the overall success of any commercial design. 


Explore our full range of Ceiling Acoustics


Our dividers are ideal for creating separate spaces and improving acoustics. From commercial and co-working spaces to restaurants and retail design. Mix and match different panel colors, patterns and textures.

Explore our full range of Screens 

Ready to learn more? Have a specific project in mind? Set up a meeting with your Artizin Expert by clicking here.

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